The BART MARSHO Association (UNITY AND FREEDOM) is a popular movement established in 2017 by Chechens living in Europe. It was founded in France in January 2017.

The purpose of the movement is summarized in its title: to work for the consolidation of Chechens living in Europe and the freedom of our people.

The aim of the association is also to develop projects to promote the integration of members of Chechen communities in the various countries where they have taken refuge, to help them find studies and jobs and to protect their rights under the laws of these countries.

At the same time, the association makes every effort at the ideological level to counteract the ideas of extremism among young people and any actions that may discredit the good name of our people.

Since its establishment in 2017, the organization has implemented dozens of projects within the framework of the above objectives.

More information about all the events organized by BART MARSHO can be found on this website in the “Events” section.

Those wishing to provide financial support to the organization in the form of donations can find our bank details in the “Contacts” section or by clicking here